Our client portfolio reflects the strong relationships and successful outcomes we have achieved in our industry. We have collaborated with a diverse range of companies across various sectors, delivering tailored quality solutions to meet their unique needs and objectives. Here are some of our notable clients:

Ford Motor Company: We take pride in being a trusted partner of Ford Motor Company, providing
quality services within the Ford Craiova platform. We have contributed to new product launch project sand achieved remarkable results in the areas of quality, logistics, and product development engineering.

Dacia Romania: We have expanded our expertise and services to Dacia Mioveni, working closely with
their team to ensure excellence in quality, processes, and production engineering. We are proud to be part of Dacia’s success and contribute to their continuous growth as a brand.

Other Tier 1/2 customers: We have collaborated with various Tier 1/2 companies in the automotive
industry, delivering customized solutions in quality, logistics, processes, and product development
engineering. We have brought value through our technical expertise and result-oriented approach.

Among our clients are: Forvia (Faurecia), Adler Pelzer Group, Brose, Grupa Antolin, TI Fluid Systems, Kautex, Gedia, Gestamp, Valeo, Estamp, Vibracoustic, Sisecam , Coskunoz Holding, MarturFompak International, Ecopls, Formfleks, Arikan Automotive, Sahunkul Makina, CSA Yubei, Minth Group, Brakes India Limited, Plascam, Sona Comstar, İnsu Teknik Makina, Farplas, Özler Plastik, Tredin, Bant Boru, Oto Trim, Sarigozoglu, Comstar India.

We take pride in our strong partnerships and successful outcomes with our clients. We continue to seek new opportunities to expand our client portfolio and build lasting relationships based on trust and service excellence.